Plenary session

1. Prof. Ing. JURČI Peter

Slovak University of Technology, Trnava, Slovakia, EU

22.5. 2024 10:30 - 11:15: High-alloyed Ledeburitic Cold Work Tool Steels

2. Prof. Ing. NOVÁK Pavel, Ph.D.

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic, EU

22.5. 2024 11:15 - 12:00: The History, Present and Future of the Use of Intermetallic

Session A - Advanced technologies in iron, steel and foundry production

  • raw material base for pig iron, steel and cast iron production, development in recent years
  • current and new directions in the development of production technology
  • physical and numerical modelling of production processes
  • new elements in production and casting process control
    the use of hydrogen in metallurgical processes
    automation of production and use of artificial intelligence
  • new ways of processing waste production, recycling, waste-free technologies
  • "green steel/foundry, Responsible Steel™, EU ETS, CBAM, sustainability

Session B - Metal Forming

  • theory of forming, physical nature of plasticity and metallurgical and technological formability of metals
  • physical and numerical models of forming processes, simulation, analysis
  • methods of experimental analysis, photogrammetry, non-contact measurements, surface geometry
  • advanced forming methods, bulk, surface
    rolling, forging, drawing, extrusion, straightening, bending, bending, etc.
    high-reduction and high-speed processes
    thermomechanical forming
    forming tools (cylinders, dies, dies)
    modern calibration
    extreme plastic deformation forming, superplasticity
    forming of difficult to form materials, near-final forming, etc.
  • use of artificial intelligence in forming
  • technological challenges and innovations in forming, aspects affecting tribology

Session C - Steels, Properties, Steel Products, Testing

  • physical metallurgy of steels
  • relationship between structure and properties of steels, methods of testing
  • steels for applications at high or cryogenic temperatures and/or elevated pressures
  • high strength steels
  • low-strength steels
  • carbon-free steels
  • composite steels
  • magnetic materials
  • additive manufacturing - 3D printing, sintering, powder metallurgy...
  • destructive and non-destructive testing of steel products

Session D - Surface Engineering

  • corrosion, including the study of the current corrosion aggressiveness of the environment and its evaluation according to EN ISO standards, designs for corrosion protection of the surface of materials - substrate, theoretical issues
  • properties and structure of surfaces of substrate materials, properties and structure of thin layers and coatings
    surface and subsurface phenomena and study of structure at the phase interfaces of coating and substrate, study of the interrelationship between coating and substrate
    chemistry of film-forming agents
    electrochemical coating processes
  • corrosion protection of material surfaces
    surface treatment technology prior to coating application
    theoretical issues
  • technology of surface treatment application, including its modernization
  • PVD, CVD, PEO, KTL technologies
    organic coatings
    glassy, glass-ceramic and ceramic coatings
    hot-dip coating
    ion implantation
    plasma spraying
    laser surface treatments
    photochemical etching, etc.
  • properties and applications of thin films and nanolayers, medical applications, etc.
  • modern organic coatings - waterborne varnishes, their composition and application technology
  • surface treatment of welded joints, problems of welding of materials with surface treatment
  • technology of joining of coated materials, influence of joining on the anti-corrosive properties of the surface treatment
  • ecological aspects of forming (heating media for scaling disposal waste heat recovery)

Session E - Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys

  • methods of production (preparation) of non-ferrous metals and alloys
    melting, casting, powder metallurgy, rapid cooling, controlled crystallization
  • properties and uses of non-ferrous metals, alloys and compounds
    Al, Mg, Cu, Ti, Ni, Nb, etc.
  • high temperature metallic materials based on non-ferrous metals
    nickel alloys and superalloys
    titanium alloys and intermetallic compounds
    cobalt alloys
    platinum group metals, tungsten and its alloys
  • special materials
    lithium, properties, toxicity, use in technological practice
    materials for 3D additive manufacturing
    NK applications in automotive and aerospace industry
    metallic glasses and foams
    biomedical applications
    metal alloys and intermetallic compounds
    composite materials
    materials with controlled porosity
    superelastic materials
    magnetic materials
    superconducting materials
  • non-ferrous recycling, waste-free technologies

Session F - Economics and Production Management in the Metallurgical, Steel and Related Industries

  • production in the metallurgical, steel and related industries, its position in the national economy and the globalized economy, development perspective
  • management of production, logistics, quality, innovation, marketing and human resources
  • economic and financial management
    efficiency of investments and technical development projects
    artificial intelligence and cost reduction
  • trends in industrial systems management
    Industry 4.0
    automation, automated systems, autonomous systems
    digitisation of industrial processes
    methods and applications of artificial intelligence
    sustainable, resilient and agile enterprises and supply chains
    simulation techniques and virtual and augmented reality in production management system projects, new information and communication technologies
  • circular economy
  • environmental and energy aspects


Poster session (A - F)

Only posters, focused on the above mentioned themes, will be accepted.